As soon as you inquire, you begin your Bad B*tch experience. You will receive a session guide to help prepare you for your session. You'll then schedule a call with Kendra or her team and plan your custom Bad B*tch Experience from beginning to end.  

Your Bad B*tch Experience Day

It's time to SPOIL tf out of you B*tch! During your session, you'll be pampered from the inside out! Once you arrive at your session, you will be greeted by Janai and Kendra. With Janai, you'll receive a luxurious makeover before getting your Bad B*tch session with Kendra. Photos will be shown to you that day, and you can select your favorites. 

After Your Experience

We will then create your custom Bad B*tch Boudoir album or wall art from the images you love from your session. Within six to eight weeks following your session date, your luxury products will arrive at your home. Trust me B*tch, it's worth the wait.

yass b*tch

"My advice is to no longer wrestle with the idea of it. There truly is Not an reason to not do it! You will be guided the entire time from start of the process to ending results. You also won't regret doing it. Even if you don't "feel" like you're at your desired look, you will still be encouraged to embrace you now, because YOU matter NOW!!"

- Rachyl.

client love

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