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I definitely walked away more confident than when I walked in. As women sometimes we are discouraged from seeing ourselves as the beautiful, sexual beings we are and this was the perfect chance to throw all of that out the window. I think seeing myself that way, the way my future husband sees me was honestly therapeutic for me. I AM BEAUTIFUL. I AM SEXY. I AM A POWERFUL FEMININE BEING. These are all things I walked out of there feeling AND believing.



I definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to see their amazing body in all its glory. I’m a very anxious person and Kendra is the most comforting photographer ever. Most of my anxiety left after seeing the first pic during the shoot. She works her magic for sure! Kendra is the absolute best and she knows how to get the best angles and shots and I'm so amazed by my pictures it's easy to forget it's ME! I'm so in love with me right now!!


"I'm so in love with me"

I felt a lot more confident and excited to show off the photos which I did not expect to want others to see. I felt that the photos complimented my body well and made me feel sexy in a way I have not felt in photos before.


"i feel so sexy"

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